Personal Tracking

If you care, know where they are.

O-PTracking proved to be an optimal personal tracking platform for a variety of solution providers globally.  Flexible interface, easy-to-use mobile app, alerting and geofencing options allow for effective personal tracking. Lone workers, the elderly, children, teens or pets – whatever it is that you target, O-PTracking has you covered.

O-PTracking ensures exteneded hardware options with 120+ personal trackers supported in the system. Choose O-PTracking to build a unique personal tracking solution and make your product stand out.


  • Easy-to-use iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Locator tool to generate links and share location
  • Integration with 120+ personal trackers
  • Push notifications on mobile devices
  • Alarm button to trigger SOS messages
  • Alert sending by SMS or email
  • Accelerations and harsh braking control for teen drivers
  • Danger/safety geofences control
  • OceanTag mobile application to use instead of a tracker
  • Movement history and visited locations control
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