Mixing Truck Tracking

The solution

With the solution that uses data from O-Track Platinum to keep you informed on the way the machinery works but in an interface tailored specifically for concrete plants. It means the customer can track the production and delivery processes in real time using main KPIs of concrete plant logistics. 

The parameters the application monitors:

  • mixing unit’s availability – if it is inside the plant geofence, it is available (makes it possible for the dispatcher to properly distribute load among available mixing units, to prevent mixers idling or the other way around – their absence when they are needed the most).
  • mixing unit location and the delivery step it is currently at (loading, being on the way to the site, on site, or back to the plant) with unit status marked in different colors (e.g. blue is going, green is returning, etc.).
  • stop alert (in case the truck stops off the site – helps to prevent concrete thefts);
  • Discharge start time and total time (to control the concrete quality);
  • Detailed map of the route (to track the exact location of the mixing unit and avoid unauthorized trips).
  • Elapsed time of each stage (to define the average duration of each stage so to make up daily trip plans more precise).
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