O-Bus, the new solution for public/private
transportation tracking

● User-friendly interface
● Intuitive navigation
● Flexible configuration and ACL system
● API to be released for third party system

Tracking system features

Combined functionality of the Platinum O-Track
modules in a handy interface:

• Geofences as waypoints
• Geofence visiting control
• Flexible checkpoint order configuration
• Schedule management
• Unit bindings and distribution
• Automatic or manual ride creation
• Address search
• Event-based notifications
• Detailed reporting
• Real-time tracking on the map with scaling features and handy navigation

Specialized tools

Features developed with due consideration to
dispatcher job specifics:

• Handy timeline for online tracking
• Business-specific reports
• Waypoints of any shape to improve tracking on the most complicated junctions
• Search and filtration by vehicle types
• Operation patterns to create individual working schedules for each route
• Color identification of late/early arrivals
• Reports in terms of routes and units
• Special ACL system
• Detailed description of routes and stops to identify the ones of various directions

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