Farming is changing. Equipment fleets are expanding. Costs are obviously rising. It is essential, therefore, to cope with factors that fleet managers everywhere are turning to the logistical advantages. A modern agriculture company usually maintains a great number of fleets such as harvest technic, freight transport, fuellers and so on. The vast majority of total expenditures go to fuel and technical support costs. Despite the fact that GPS tracking in agriculture sector is slightly different from traditional monitoring, O-agricultural applications have been successfully advanced with regard to this great demand. Especially when it comes to the agricultural domain, where our system has been successfully in use for over 5 years already. 

O-Track Platinum module

Module capacity

  • Agricultural equipment online tracking;
  • Farmland working area metering. You can name different parts of farmland for easy navigation, count total area, mark borders between fields on the map and arrange geozones. The module can also track filed operations in progress;
  • Driver authorization system;
  • Agricultural equipment detection;
  • Field logistics optimization. You can calculate the distance between units on the map and trip time between geozones;
  • Reports on agricultural equipment performance and cultivation;
  • Precise data on crop rotation (including year, cultivated plant and yield);
  • Data storage system (contains information on every working area);
  • Fuel level control and fuel consumption over given time;
  • Option to print field maps.

Using O-Track Platinum-based modern data processing systems, O-Track Platinum provides detailed description of farmland working areas and stores information on every field where farming operations have been done recently.

The O-Track Platinum module is compatible with Trimble (parallel driving system). If you use Trimble direction indicators, you can add, monitor and analyze working areas and agricultural equipment performance with the help of module database and import data into the system. This technology is known for accurate track positioning (up to 2,5 cm) which is really important in agriculture and helps to maximize your ROI.

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