Ocean Technology has founded since 2010, and has operated around 10 years as GPS Tracking System and GPS products provider in local market. In last 5 years in this business field, we have been upgraded ourselves to be involved in Telematics sector which could offer widely rank of service to our potential clients such as safety and security, Shipping logistic, Hardware, Agriculture, Fuel Control, GPS fleet tracking, Integration of 3rd party, Reporting system, Incorporate data from our software to Accounting system, Transport freight exchange platform, Ride sharing apps, other essential for fleet managers apps.

Going through global serves, it has been served and will be developed by us in order to be ready for niche markets like for public use, or can be scaled(small project).

We have committed strongly to make it happen for extra services for the future of Ocean in order to be the first leading Telematics in Cambodia. In regard to this, we are developing and catch up more partners to add extra products and services for future market, and these include Bus App, Logistic App, Mobile Tracking App, Delivery App, Concrete App, Gas Station Monitoring App, Software Distributor, Agriculture App, Stationary Monitoring App, Vehicle Maintenance App, and more.

Ocean Technology is taking high responsibility in fulfilling the customers’ needs and all employees are well trained as a standard company. Ocean Technology is not standing alone to be telematics provider in Cambodia, yet we also have our partners from 156 countries as a strong global community to provide new technology and solution to any project’s need. Every year, we are invited to attend the conference to meet, discuss and share ideas for our future improvement. Beside this, our employees are sent to get training at oversea or received online training from our global partners, thus we guarantee we are a professional company here

+ Award

.Miss Beautiful and Successful Entrepreneurs 2018

  • ពានរង្វាន់សហគ្រិនស្រ្តីឆ្នើមរបស់អាសាន
  • Outstanding Asean Women Entrepreneur Award


.Cambodian Young Entrepreneur Award


  • ពានរង្វាន់ភាពជាសហគ្រិនយុវជនអាស៊ាន ២០១៧ នៅសាធារណរដ្ធឥណ្ឌូនេស៊ី
  • The Asean Entrepreneurship 2017 Award in Republic of Indonesia
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